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When your Local jurisdiction will not let you open a Legal Marijuana Dispensary that was legalized by your State. Nowadays ,there are more states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use and more entrepreneurs are finding out like some local municipalities are banning the stores from opening citing federal law that marijuana stores are still a schedule 1 narcotic. A successful Dispensary Owner Jeremiah Martinez owner of Green Collar Cannabis a Recreational Marijuana Shop located in Tacoma Washington suffered through the same difficulties at Pierce County Washington and suggests his imminent for those who may have the same problems in the future.


It was the 25th medical dispensary which established in the state in 2010. Basically we have been open for 7 years. We had been going through legal issues with our medical business so we were used to being involved with struggle the city. Earlier we tried to follow the rules and pay taxes so we felt relaxed with transferring over to Recreational Marijuana from Medical.

There were 20 medical marijuana shops on our street one of the reasons why people came to us or why we succeed is that our care about our patients and we lay customer service over profits to persist a firm business path.

Get Good Legal Advice: When Washington State set up the recreational system they set up a lottery and let the medical operators know that only those who were paying taxes would be considered.

The major key of our successes was having good legal advice. From the beginning we hired a lawyer who was had connections to the city council. Because was connected to city council that’s why we were able to uphold with every change in city legislation’s.  So we got our recreational license but Pierce County was not issuing land use permit and saying it was still illegal nationally. So we waited and at the time that was a solid plan since all the stores who opened before us also having problems with supply since most growers haven’t reseeded up yet. The county is sending us letters telling us not to open. So we were worried since one of our former competitors was sentenced to 10 years in federal jail. So another store opened up in our jurisdiction so we waited and watched to see what the county would do. In other words we let them be the guinea pig. We still had our medical business going so we could afford to sit back and watch to see what the county would do.


Because of the high taxes with the state and the federal taxes I feel like I am a government employee. After we opened up we still got letters from the city to shut down, but because we had been through the motions we knew that we had time and we could use are ability to appeal and that may take years while we still keep on operations, The hardest thing is to find locations what’s why there are only 300 stores open and 500 licenses has been issued. Everybody is worried about big business but they are not going to know the insides and outs of dealing with cannabis consumers.

Pay to play: The second thing I want to convey to business owners who find trouble in opening up because of local rules is in the end your going have to pay to play. Washington State was very smart in how they allowed medical marijuana to flourish and then swooped in to take all the money without doing 1 hour of actually labor via taxes. If any local or state entity is going to allow you to sell a schedule 1 narcotic believe me they will take the lion’s share of the profits.

What do you see as the future for Recreational Weed Stores in the future?

I believe that in the future the pot shops that will survive will be the ones that cater best to their customers and who produce high quality marijuana strains that are custom to a particular shop. It is only a matter of time before the federal government lifts it’s restrictions on interstate commerce and that is when you’re going to see an explosion in sales. When states are able to trade with each other the market will start to form some semblance of normalcy like other industries.

Jeremiah Rasmussen

Green Collar Cannabis


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