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Wild Waves Holiday with Lights 2016 Tacoma Green Collar CannabisThere’s something magical about the twinkle of multi-colored lights that captures the heart and soul of the holiday season. It’s a time of giving and receiving and all the abundance that surrounds us is a reminder to appreciate the great bounty bestowed upon us each year.

So don’t forget to carve out quality time with loved ones this holiday season by sharing memorable experiences that will bond you for years to come. Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is the ideal venue for a spectacular show of seasonal lights with their annual Holiday with Lights event.

Tip: Before you show up, drop by Green Collar Cannabis and blaze up. Hit after hit, it’s the best of Tacoma recreational marijuana. What better way is there to take in the dazzle of over a million lights than to partake in a little cerebral enhancement in advance? You’ll fall sublimely deeper into the depth of the sheer spectacle unfolding in front of you. Tap into your true creative potential as you trace out shapes within the lights significant to only you as you search for more substance in this illuminating experience.

Wild Waves Holiday with Lights 2016 Tacoma Green Collar CannabisNext, look into the grizzled face of Santa Claus and go deep for the answer to his query, “What would you like for Christmas this year?” Ask him if he’s ever heard of Green Collar Cannabis? If he hasn’t, draw him a map and tell him you’d like a goodie bag from your favorite Parkland weed store full of fragrant flowers and ethereal edibles. Be prepared — look at the Green Collar Cannabis Menu.

But don’t bogart Santa. Have your say and be on your way so the rest of the festive crowd can get some face time. Leave the North Pole and off you go to your next Holiday with Lights adventure. With more than 25 amusement park rides, you should be occupied for a few hours. Grab your group or your special someone and get ready to explore the oasis of lights from the vantage point of amusement park ride cabins. As you’re catapulted through space, focus on the streaks of color and observe the subtle changes in the lights from your new height. Watch them twinkle and shine, like bright stars in the night, and feel an inner peace spread throughout, far and wide, like the grin on your face.

General Admission Tickets are $9.99 and Group Discounts are available throughout December. Get tickets to Holiday with Lights